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psv:gun - Perfectly Designed (feat. Eden Kim, BUMKEY)

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아들아 미안하다 너에게 만 나이를 가르쳐준적이 없구나... ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

The First EP of psv:gun, 'Thanks For Your Love' is just Released

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‘Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth! For Your love is better than wine;’
(Song of Songs 1:2)

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:: Credit
Perfectly Designed (feat. Eden Kim, BUMKEY)
Composed by psv:gun, Eden Kim, BUMKEY | Lyrics by psv:gun, Minha Ha, BUMKEY
Arranged by psv:gun
Vocal by Eden Kim, BUMKEY | Chorus by GWAN, Eden Kim
Piano by Eden Kim | Bass Guitar by Geon Yoo | Electric Guitar by JongHyeon Lee

Executive Producer psv:gun
Produced and Directed by psv:gun
Co-directed by Microdot
Mixed by Stoner Tunes
Mastered by Jun Park (@SoundMax)
Album Cover Photographed by Gaeun Kim
Album Cover Designed by YoungEun Bae

MV Dierected by psv:gun
Filmed by psv:gun, ChangHee Lee
Edited by psv:gun
Lighting and Color Graded by ChangHee Lee

Lyrics ::

Would you tell me Lord where You're at
'Cos I love You so much
I wanna be wherever You at
Please take me to Your place
Wanna see You face to face
Hold me with Your warm embrace

Your love is better than wine,
It is so beautiful, divine
Oh, I’m forever Thine
So Kiss me, full on my mouth
I’m perfectly designed to be Your valentine

Oh can't you see that you're the one for me
Coz You're the reason of my life
Together we can make it right oh
Forever I will be here
So in love with you

I’m perfectly designed
You’re perfectly designed
So we’re perfectly designed
To be His valentine