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Jack Light - Island Music by Jinsang

Title : Jack Light - Island Music by Jinsang Mp3
Uploader : Jack Light
Duration : 02:27
Size : 3.36 MB
Audio : mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 128 kb/s
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No copyright intended. Just some thoughtful lyrics given the current state of affairs.

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So here we are, where to start, got a few things inside of my heart
I don’t wanna rip or tear this apart, but when I get vocal then it gets hard
I don’t wanna spend the next 6 months, wondering; who, what, when, where, why?
I don’t wanna speak on behalf of anyone but there’s too much going on in my life
Let’s take this down, right down, to the point, where I feel like I am sitting on a high horse
Don’t talk to me about my course, I've been making music since time warp
That’s 1975, my dad was born and the future’s light
I was 12 in the studio spitting bars, while other kids played outside
Now 10 years on when I’ve got my degree and I throw my hat in the air,
I won’t be sitting at a desk, all bitter and sad, I’ll be out there counting shares
Give me something to believe in, I don’t wanna be left wondering why
An eye for an eye makes the world blind, but I believe what’s inside
I tell myself that “it’s all good” 90 percent of the time
That other 10 I get super low, and I contemplate my life
Like I hate when anyone see’s my cry, but I’m coping, and I mean well
Rise and shine, make it mine, I got all these stories to tell

I don’t believe in what in see, I can only feel what I feel
I don’t mess with politics, mess with law, cos I know they don’t keep it real
Like for real our world is a mess, I can’t rest till my Facebooks checked
I’ve been on twitter for 8 years, and my followers aren’t even friends
That’s no disrespect to the 20k that follow me, and help everyday
If we met, we’d smoke a J, and talk all the problems away
But it’s not real, and it’s not life, I don’t know my best friends birth sign
These are the times we’re living in, when true love is defined by
Your streak on snapchat, this world, is a rat trap
I’m tryna make my living of rap, but I can’t get a view on band camp
It’s people like Ed who get their guitar, then conquer the world its genius
Their story is true, and I respect that, and they deserve all their achievements
Look I don’t want to be understood, I don’t need someone to analyse,
I just want thoughts recorded, mixed down then amplified
I save my money, call my family, help out when I can
I know that I’m not perfect, I’m just tryna be better man