Kar Play I Miss You House Instrumental Mix

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STREAM "MISS ME?" ; orcd.co/missme1


Shot by; @danyl.Earth


Tell me that you miss me
That youre fucking proud and youre glad I ain’t 6 feet
Doubled up the crowd I’m allowed with my mystery
You should turn the sound real loud so you feel me
Pussy you’s a clown down bad’s not a prestige
Foul on the whisky
Life that they wish me
House cost the big p
Been a loud mouth no doubt since sixteen
Run around now only flowers that give me

I don’t need no lenses
Lately I’ve been feeling just fine with my senses
I can’t never really take 5 I’m too restless
Seeing all the fuckery just fine I hope they meant it
Beef with me expensive
Tripping on the same old shit you’d think they’d learned their lesson
Scarlxrd been the catalyst that’s why they’re asking questions
Found out where my passion is it’s locked in my aggression
Moving like a pacifist until I split your head bitch

Ain’t no fucking rest for the wicked.
(No rest for a bad muhfucker no)

Started from the bottom
In my old apartment bathroom roof was always rotten
Had to go in harder now I’ll never be forgotten
Sometimes shit gets hard but that’s just life I know I got this
Pussy stays fucked in
Do that shit to cope it ain’t no joke these rockstar problems
In my zone i can not fold I’m hungry never starving
Lost control and let it go I’m crazy when I’m bossing
Who you know don’t give no fucks I’m always down to start shit

Why would they test
Scar be on madness tatts on his neck
These niggas trash down bad ain’t a flex
Done with the sadness I’m here for your head
Going in loud can’t hear what i said uh
All of yall dead uh
I dont want next up
I’m just ascending
All of yall dead uh
I dont want next up
I’m just ascending

Ain’t no fucking rest for the wicked.
(No rest for a bad muhfucker no)