Purity Ring Ungirthed

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Purity Ring - Ungirthed (live @ Le Poisson Rouge 7/24/12)

Album "Shrines"

1. Crawlersout
2. Fineshrine
3. Ungirthed
4. Amenamy
5. Grandloves (feat. Young Magic)
6. Cartographist
7. Belispeak
8. Saltkin
9. Obedear
10. Lofticries
11. Shuck
Shrines (Full album) : youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw1x_9cqfRAKD5PeuVrw-N6T-fiGcweLY

The chilly electro-pop project of Corin Roddick and Megan James, Purity Ring began when the two were in Canadian indie rock act Gobble Gobble (which later became Born Gold).
While the band was on tour, Roddick and James grew increasingly inspired by the sounds of contemporary R&B and wanted to make music reflecting that. Their first song, "Ungirthed," arrived in January 2011 to critical acclaim, and Purity Ring eventually signed with 4AD Records. Shrines, the duo's debut album, was released in July 2012. ~ Heather Phares