Snh48 Xian Ding Ji

Descargar Música Snh48 Xian Ding Ji MP3, Mp4 Videos y 3GP puede usted descargar GRATIS, RÁPIDO y FÁCIL en Esta Canción se publicó por primera vez en 2021-04-10 11:55:58 por 创造营 CHUANG2021. Enlace Descarga las mejores canciones MP3, las últimas descargas gratuitas para 2022 【THIRD STAGE】'Push No.5 for Cute in Input Method' Say Sweet~《输入法打可爱按第五》讲诉了一场超浪漫的邂逅~| 创造营 CHUANG2021 puede usted encontrar por método haga clic en el botón "Descargar" a continuación. No se ansioso, la música con una duración de 04:38 y un tamaño de 6.36 MB es no reducirá su cuota de internet.

【THIRD STAGE】'Push No.5 for Cute in Input Method' Say Sweet~《输入法打可爱按第五》讲诉了一场超浪漫的邂逅~| 创造营 CHUANG2021

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[创造营2020 CHUANG 2020] EP01 Part I | Who Can Stand Out Among the 101 Girls 教练团唱跳发布主题曲!101位女孩谁能坐上首发成团位

CHUANG 2021, produced by Tencent Video, is a variety show of an international boy group formation. It is dedicated to fully showing the stage performance, vigour and persistence of youngsters of new times. Nearly a hundred boys from various countries, agencies and colleges, with the help of outstanding seniors, will be together to make cultural and professional exchanges, improve themselves by rising to the challenge, explore their true self and chase their dreams zealously.


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First Performance 学员首秀舞台☞
First Public Performance 第一次公演舞台☞
First Public Performance Focus Cam 第一次公演舞台直拍 ☞
Theme Song Focus Cam 主题曲直拍 ☞
Second Public Performance 第二次公演舞台☞
Second Public Performance Focus Cam 第二次公演舞台直拍 ☞

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