The Crabb Family Greater Is He Than Me

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Brittney Dool { NATS 2015 Audition } Greater Is He by Crabb Family

Matt singing @ church. Greater is he by the Crabb Family

Greater is He (Performance Track High with Background Vocals in C)

The Crabb Family - Official Video for 'Greater Is He in Me [Live]', available now!

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I took the challenge when I said that I would stand.
I knew it wouldn't be an easy thing, cause it messed up Satan's plan.
God gives me daily strength to stand in victory.
Though the powers of Hell may come my way,
Greater is He in me.

Greater, Greater, Greater is He in me.
I'm singing, I'm shouting, I'm happy and I'm free.
I'm a soldier in an army that never has known defeat.
Greater, Greater, Greater is He in me.

For so long I wondered in this cold, cruel world alone.
Heartbreak and much failure was just about all I'd ever known.
Then I met God's only Son who listened to my plea.
Now life has a brand new chapter,
Greater is He in me.