Yvonne Catterfeld Wake Up

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Yvonne Catterfeld - Wake Up (Offizielles Video)

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Produktion: DIDITAGAIN
Kamera: Xandi Kindermann
VFX: Alexander Demczak

Vielen Dank an:
Salome Stresing
Manith Bertz
Ricco Jarett
Edith Simone
Pasquale Aleardi
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Management: Konrad Sommermeyer & Heide Nagel

Text & Musik: Yvonne Catterfeld, Timothy Auld, Benedikt Schoeller
Published by: Universal Music Publishing
Produced by: Truva
Mixed by: Truva
Recorded at: Truva
Vocal Recordings: Jörg Weisselberg
Drums: Timothy Auld, Benedikt Schoeller
Bass: Timothy Auld, Benedikt Schoeller
Gitarre: Timothy Auld, Benedikt Schoeller
Chor: Dorrey Lyles, Indrig Arthur, Samuel S. Franklin, Benedikt Schoeller, Timothy Auld, Yvonne Catterfeld
Organ: Hansi Enzensberger
Brass: Nils Frasse
Master by: Ludwig Maier, GKG Mastering

(P) 2021 Veritable Records GmbH
Repertoire Owner: Veritable Records GmbH

I miss the sun, I miss the rain.
I miss the rush of feeling pain.
I’m a prisoner of my mind.
I can’t escape

I’m out of joy, I’m out of touch.
Alone inside but without love.
In my world
I am my own worst enemy.

I don’t wanna be absent!
I wanna wake up!
Sick of being stuck,
I‘m ready
to wake up.

Would you come and kill my doubts?
Can’t get out alone.

Forgot the way I used to smile.
I don’t remember who I was.
I am distant to the ones closest to me.

I’m in my troubles, in my head.
Unavailable, no strength.
I hate the way I hate myself.

When will my tears dry?
Will I be alright?

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